What is this for blog?

What is this for blog?
On this blog i will show you how to earn money easily on a website called neobux. I will show you payment proof, different pay methods they will accept and of course a very simple step by step guide on how to really make money on neobux.

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Click on the banner to sign up without any instructions if not watch the payout proof, watch all the videos and read the instructions. If you are all new to this i recommend you see troth the blog to get you a running start.

Neobux is 10/10 cases paying out!

Neobux is 10/10 cases paying out!
They are and they will payout, that is an fact!
Just an amazing site.

Neobux changed my life!

Give it a try, I did and now i sitting here with my pockets full of money. I will never regret thet day i joined neobux. It is 100% free if you want, but you can also take the shortcut and invest money to buy referrals like i did. An investment is absolutely not required but it will speed up the process Allot. If you don't know what referrals is don't worry i will tell you ahead but first some payment proof.

Payment proof 1

Payment proof 1
Payment proof 1 (Paypal)

Payment proof 2

Payment proof 2
Payment proof 2 (Paypal)

Insane Neobux payout proof on video. Over 1000$ payout!

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How to get started and make money INSTANTLY!

Is Neobux a scam? The answer to that is very simple, No neobux is not a scam it is actually the opposite to a scam it's a 24/7 money making machine. I have shown you some payout proof that they really pays and that you really can make money on this but i have not told you how. It's a very simple process just click on the "sign up" button further down on this page(main page). When you have clickt on the button you will navigate to neobux homepage automatically . Then click on "register" on neobux mainpage, fill out you information, confirm you mail and you are ready to go. Now, sign in on neobux with the login information you entered when signed up and navigate to "View Advertisements" and now click on all the ads that are available. If you finished these steps you just made you first money on neobux congratulation! The best of all when you have viewed ads regularly and revived a balance around 1$ on you account you can rent referrals "people" on the site and when they click an add you will get paid so that will be allot of money in time. Just rent more and more referrals and after a year or so you will build an empire with thousands of referrals. OBS! You most click at least 4 ads every day to deserve your referrals the next day, but don´t worry that will only take you around five minutes a day. If you still don't understand what to do watch video 1, 2 and then click on the "sign up" button on the botton of blog.

 Video 1. Sign up video and how it works.

Video 2. how to rent referrals. 

How will they payout?

Neobux will payout on Paypal, Alertpay and Neteller so make sure that you have an account on at least one of the payment methods if not its free to sign up to them all so that is not a problem. I personally recommend to use paypal for the payments because its fast, easy and secure and if you want to buy something online its most likely they will accept paypal. You can sign up by pressing the banners in the side menu of my blog.
Make money without spending a cent!